About Us

We are third generation Californians celebrating our diverse state.  My father was the first family member to come to California from Mexico legally, as part of the US Federal Bracero Program, to work in California fields.  He met my mother, a Puerto Rican, in San Francisco and the rest is our family history. 

I graduated from Pepperdine University, in an amazing place called Malibu.  My working life was spent as a marketing executive for major brands.  Married for 34 years to my husband, a Software Consultant, we have two incredible sons, both Eagle Scouts. One still in college & the creator of his own streetwear brand, BetweenCloudsClothing.com & our oldest, a successful Silicon Valley Sales Manager.  Both help me in our business. 

California Beach Trader was created because I could not find one place to find special gifts made in California or the USA.  When you shop with us you support so many small businesses, many in our state and/or in America.
Every year we donate a percentage of sales to support a California cause & this year we will help feed the hungry. Ten million men, women and children are hungry in our state every day & it is ironic that California grows the most food in our country, yet so many Californians go hungry.

We are grateful you visited us today.  THANK YOU for supporting our small business!  That is our 9 year old precious puppy, Colin, with me in La Jolla, California.